Why Hydrophobic Coatings are Better Than Water Repellent Treatments

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There are several options for drivers when they are seeking a windshield glass treatment. Over the counter windshield rain repellents are common but do not offer the same effectiveness as a hydrophobic bond. Most do-it-yourself glass treatment solutions are wax-based and offer limited durability and moderate results. A preferred option is a time-tested, patented windshield ultra-hydrophobic windshield coating that is professionally applied to glass and chemically reacts with the surface.

The best hydrophobic glass treatment is available at Crystal Fusion. Our two-step application chemically reacts to silicon dioxide which is the main substrate in windshield glass production. This treatment actually molecularly fuses with the windshield glass to form a durable, smooth barrier and increases its strength. An added benefit over wax treatments is it won’t need to be reapplied on a regular basis. It endures the rigors of the road: rain, snow, ice, bugs, as well as stray rocks. Our hydrophobic coating is a one-time application that is easily maintained for years of service.
To the naked eye, the surface of a windshield is perfectly smooth, clear, and transparent. However, at the molecular level, glass is porous with microscopic hills, peaks, and valleys that refract light while collecting tiny particles of moisture and dust. This irregular surface causes a strong adhesion with water, creating microscopic “contact points” in the glass. Road debris that impacts these “contact points” can cause significant damage or cracks over time.

Finding the best hydrophobic glass treatment has never been easier. Get molecular level protection, avoid the necessity of repeated applications, and prolong the like-new condition of your windshield with a hydrophobic windshield treatment available from Crystal Fusion.

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