Treated vs. Untreated Windshield Glass – Why Treated is Measurably Better

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More and more car owners are turning to the substantial benefits of a professionally installed windshield rain repellent. These applications create a strong protective barrier against rain, dirt, grime, and chipping as compared to an untreated windshield. While not composed of glass, a windshield rain repellent vastly improves the clearing of windshields under inclement conditions and provides a barrier to age and wear over time.

The application of a windshield rain repellent to the glass on your vehicle will repel both water and dirt from its surface and, as an added benefit, it improves vision and reduces contaminants from sticking to its surface. This results in an extended duration of like-new windshield glass. The best windshield rain repellents, like the ones patented by Crystal Fusion, offer a time-tested, ultra-hydrophobic windshield coating that is professionally applied to glass. The rain repellent actually chemically reacts with the surface of the glass. To the naked eye, the surface of a windshield is perfectly smooth and transparent. Looks unfortunately can be deceiving. At the molecular level, windshields are porous with microscopic hills, peaks, and valleys that refract light and collect tiny particles of dirt and rain. This irregular surface causes a strong adhesion with water, creating an ideal medium for which the water to collect. The hydrophobic coating actually fills in these imperfections and removes the strongholds for water, allowing it to be whisked away.

A professionally installed windshield rain repellent is a smart option to extend windshield life, reduce glare and UV rays, and provides more effective removal of precipitation than an untreated windshield.

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