Are Autoglass Coating Products Worth it?

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There are a myriad of glass coating products available on the market specifically designed to improve the useful life and functionality of our cars’ windshields. Many of these coatings are wax-based products but consumers have a far more effective option – hydrophobic coatings. These glass coating products are considerably more effective in protecting our windshields from precipitation, dirt, chipping, and UV glare.

The wax-based glass coating products are simply a film that gets applied on your windshield while hydrophobic coatings actually bond on a molecular level with the glass. The patented hydrophobic coating developed by the scientists at Crystal Fusion becomes an element of the glass and provides unprecedented protection. Our coating smooths the microscopic imperfections in the windshield. This creates an ultra-slick finish that makes it impossible for water or grime to cling to the glass. The result is a superior wicking action that ensures clear vision while driving for years to come in all types of driving conditions. Not only does hydrophobic coating keep the windshield clearer longer, but there is an added benefit of protecting you from harmful UV rays. This makes for a glass coating product that stands head and shoulders above a wax-based coating.

When selecting a glass coating product, the superior windshield products available at Crystal Fusion offer you improved durability, visibility, and the ultimate in driving safety. You’ll also appreciate the like-new finish that takes you down the road in style!

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