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Crystal Fusion: Superior Windshield Rain Repellent

Crystal Fusion™ is a product that any automotive dealer can be proud to offer their customers. That is because driver and passenger safety is of paramount importance. Surveys confirm that new car buyers are looking for additional safety features to protect their loved ones. Crystal Fusion’s™ reduced glare and superior rain repellent properties, can actually increase driver reaction time by seeing ahead more clearly. That is exactly the reason consumers should consider purchasing a CF Technologies’ Crystal Fusion™ windshield rain repellent treatment at the time they take ownership of their new vehicle.

As with most products, there are OTC car windshield rain repellents, and then there is Crystal Fusion™ windshield rain repellent. Not only does our superior product provide a surface that sheets off water, it also prevents dirt, dust, and debris from adhering and obstructing and/or limiting visibility. It so protects windshields against damage for an additional level of safety and security. While a Crystal Fusion™ treatment will outlast any OTC product by far, to ensure optimal visibility and protection we recommend a Refresh treatment seasonally. This way your customers and their families can enjoy the peace of mind and safety that only Crystal Fusion™ windshield rain repellent provides.

At Crystal Fusion™ Technologies, we stand by our product. Should a customer’s windshield treated with our proprietary formula not live up to expectations, we will re-treat the affected windshield at no charge.

Safety is always the primary reason for applying a windshield coating. However, there are additional benefits to offering Crystal Fusion™ treatments to your valued customers. Dealerships that offer value-adds to new car and truck buyers earn their trust and repeat business. That’s why we want you to learn more about Crystal Fusion™’s advantages as well as how to become a distributor. Contact us to learn more about how you can offer our exceptional and unequalled car windshield rain repellent treatment at your car/truck dealership. Submit our form today!

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