Jeep Puts Crystal Fusion™ to the Test

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Applied to all vehicles at the dealership, Crystal Fusion™ forms a microscopic layer of smooth liquid glass on any windshield. It actually fuses with the surface to create a liquid glass protective coating. This shield forms a bond that not only wicks-away moisture, dust, and dirt, but also helps to protect windshields from chips and potential cracks as well. We could talk about the many advantages to adding Crystal Fusion™ to your dealership value-adds, but seeing is believing. Watch our video and see us put this Jeep to the test.

To begin we treated the driver’s side with our proprietary formula, Crystal Fusion™ liquid glass for windshields. Once dry, we ran that Jeep through its paces. We drove over muddy fields, rutted, unpaved roads and trails, forded streams, in short, every instance where water, thick mud, and grime could impact visibility. And through it all, nothing would stick to the treated side of the windshield. As for the other side, well, not so much!

Jeeps are legendary off-road vehicles. For dealers who feature rugged SUVs and other off-the-grid trucks, Crystal Fusion™ is an ideal product to increase driving enjoyment. It’s additional benefits include an unparalleled margin of safety via increased visibility, as well as to provide a protective windshield coating.

And, as you can readily see, after a long day off-roading, Crystal Fusion™’s liquid glass for windshields treatment makes short work of clean up. Just hose your ride, and mud, muck, dirt, and debris wash away and your windshield will be crystal clear!

Once you view our video, we know you’ll want to learn more about Crystal Fusion™’s advantageous properties as well as how to become a distributor. Contact us to learn more about how you can offer our revolutionary liquid glass protective coating treatment at your auto dealership, we invite you to submit our form today!

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