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CFT Windshield Glass Treatment

Regardless of the season or the weather conditions, when you have a driving destination, a clear, debris and moisture-free windshield is an imperative. Not only can it mean better visibility and increased safety for drivers and their passengers, but a windshield glass treatment ensures that it will wick away moisture and surface grime, too. Did you know? A superior treatment product will additionally protect against damage and extend your windshield’s service life as well. That is if your windshield has been treated with patented Crystal Fusion™.

That’s because unlike over-the-counter DIY windshield topical coatings, Crystal Fusion™ is a unique windshield glass treatment. It doesn’t contain polymers which will cause build-up, yellowing, and wiper chatter. Crystal Fusion™ develops a durable bond with the glass surface and then chemically reacts to form a super hydrophobic barrier. What this means for drivers is that they will have an exceptionally clear windshield under every possible driving condition.

Ever get caught out on the road in a torrential downpour with your children in the back seat? Difficult driving conditions happen to everyone, including your customers. We cannot control the weather but rest assured, if their windshield has been treated with the ulta-hydrophobic properties in Crystal Fusion™, your customers will have maximum visibility no matter what conditions Mother Nature throws their way.

Peace of mind is but one benefit of Crystal Fusion™’s patented formula and process. Many dealers offer new vehicle owners options that, while nice to have, are largely cosmetic and do not increase a car’s value or provide additional safety. Crystal Fusion Technologies’ proprietary formula forms a molecular bond with the glass windshield to protect the surface from damage.

Additionally this service helps to maintain visual clarity even under the most extreme weather conditions, and even reduce wear and tear on the wipers. Best of all, by offering Crystal Fusion Technologies’ patented formula and process, you are not just building rapport with your customers, but earned their hard-won trust. To learn more about Crystal Fusion™’s properties as well as how to become a distributor or to offer our revolutionary windshield glass treatment at your auto dealership, we invite you to submit our form today!

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