Auto Ceramic Coating vs. Nano Coating: What’s The Difference?

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There’s no debate whether applying professional coating is beneficial to the health of your car’s windshield. However, there is an ongoing battle as to which is the smarter decision: auto ceramic coating or nano coating. We’ll be breaking down some pros and cons that you should consider before investing in your car’s windshield.

The Argument For Auto Nano Ceramic Coating

A stock windshield may feel smooth, but in reality, it’s filled with microscopic craters that can be a long-term liability. Nano, meaning small, refers to the tiny molecules that work to fill in all the microscopic imperfections in your windshield.

The main arguments in favor of nano ceramic coating are its chemical properties. Most nano ceramic coatings work to block chemical stains, which can otherwise be quite the chore to get out of your paint’s surface. This works to be a proactive approach on the matter.

Nano ceramic coats also help to reduce UV and oxidation-related damage. This is especially helpful in warm, dry climates, as well as areas that get a lot of rain and/or snow. Damage from the sun, as well as rain, can work to wear down the integrity of your windshield overtime, so preventing a lot of this damage is your best bet.

The Argument For Auto Ceramic Coating

Whether in the form of a spray, wax or liquid, these more conventional methods for coating can do a lot of the same as its nano counterpart. They also add hydrophobic properties that repel water and make for a clearer, safer trip – every time.

Depending on the grade of the specific product, the time in which the effects last can vary. That’s why we always recommend our state-of-the-art auto ceramic coating. They perform all the above duties, while lasting as long as anything you’ll find on the shelf. And when it comes to driving in the elements, your car’s safety simply isn’t something you’ll want to settle on.

Interested in taking the next step towards getting auto ceramic coating treatment for your car? Contact us today to request more information!

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