Windshield Chip Protection Tips For Your Car

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Few things rival the frustrations that go with getting that first chip in your windshield because as much as you’d like to pretend “that didn’t really happen”, it very much did and the longer you ignore it, the worse off you’ll be. So to avoid this mountain of headaches altogether, we’ve provided some helpful windshield chip protection tips that you can follow as part of your day-to-day out on the road.

Tip #1: Keep Your Glass As Clean As Possible

While unnoticeable by the naked eye, a windshield is actually filled with microscopic bumps and crevices from end-to-end. These crevices are prone to cracks because they serve as “weak links” with compromised support. As you dive, your windshield will be introduced to rain, sleet, pollen, fog, dense heat and a plethora of other factors that can deal short and long-term damage to your windshield.

The easiest way to prevent accidents is by keeping your windshield clean as often as you can.

Tip #2: Consider Investing In a High-Quality Windshield Treatment

Life has a way of surprising us and sometimes not in the best of ways, and the cold hard truth is you can’t always be prepared… or can you?

Remember how we mentioned that your windshield is made of tiny bumps and crevices? Well, a professional windshield treatment consists of adding an actual layer that bonds these bumps and crevices on a microscopic level. This works to reinforce durability while improving visibility.

Talk about windshield chip protection!

Oh, and did we mention our windshield treatments have hydrophobic properties? That means water (including rain) will literally fall off your windshield!

Are you ready to step into ultimate windshield chip protection? Find a local dealer that can help!

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