Alternative Windshield Wax Treatments For Your Car

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Driving with a compromised vision is both dangerous and frustrating, which calls for the application of windshield wax. This rinse and repeat process involves the consistent cleaning and waxing of your windshield in an act to improve your visibility on the road. But do we really have to still settle for this cheap, arthritis-causing cycle that burns a hole in our pockets?

Not anymore! With Crystal Fusion’s state-of-the-art windshield wax, there’s no longer a need for constant back-breaking windshield maintenance. But before we explain what makes this new wax so special, let’s break down some lesser-known facts about windshields.

Windshields may appear (and even feel) smooth to the touch, but when you take a closer look (with a microscope), you’ll notice legions of imperfections. These range from microscopic bumps and crevices that, while undetectable by the naked eye, can be a natural liability. In fact, these imperfections serve as natural weaknesses of any windshield and when you notice that first crack or chip, it’s often because one of the imperfections gave to the pressure – the same way a small crack can easily turn into a larger one after running over a pothole.

Crystal Fusion’s hydrophobic windshield coating mends your windshield glass, forming a bond on a molecular level. This works to smoothen out all of those invisible cracks and crevices and strengthen your windshield for long-term prosperity.

If you’re sick of constantly applying the same short-lived wax, consider Crystal Fusion’s cutting-edge technology. Our windshield wax treats windshields at their core, creating:

  • clear visibility
  • hydrophobic (anti-water) properties
  • glare-resistant vision
  • enhanced durability

Interested in taking your driving experience (and safety) to the next level? Find a local dealer near you!

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