Still Applying Windshield Wax Treatments? There is a Better Way!

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Most car owners can appreciate the benefits of windshield coatings as a method to improve visibility and safety.  Driving under inclement weather feels dangerous in and of itself but having a clear well-coated windshield can reduce that driving stress.  The real question is, what is the best windshield wax treatment for your car.  Hydrophobic windshield coatings stand head and shoulders above ordinary windshield wax for reduced maintenance costs, improved driving safety and visibility.

Untreated auto glass does not easily disperse rain, dust, and other debris. The actual use of windshield wipers themselves will have a physical degradation of any treatments applied to windshields through repetitious blade arcs.  Untreated windshields also degrade the wiper blades themselves-requiring more frequent replacement. The use of hydrophobic coating assists in reducing maintenance costs by reducing windshield wax treatments as well as prolonged wiper blade life.

The application of hydrophobic windshield coating Is a more effective alternative than wax by its physical properties under inclement weather conditions.  With an improved ability to whisk water off a windshield and extended wear life, driver and passenger safety is greatly enhanced.  When appropriately applied, hydrophobic coatings effectively give auto glass the ability to cleanse itself – clearing the windshield of water and debris.  An additional benefit of effective removal of debris is the actual protection from wear and tear such as cracking and chips caused by road conditions.

Hydrophobic coatings are a great addition to any windshield.  They improve safety, reduce maintenance costs, and provide improved visibility. When it comes to auto safety, hydrophobic windshield coatings are a smart investment.

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