Benefits of Applying Ceramic Coating On Your Car

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Few joys in life equal the exhilaration of driving your new vehicle off the lot for the first time.  The smell, the exploration of the new gadgets, and of course, that amazing new car paint finish.

Sadly, from that moment, the degradation of the finish has already begun.  Mud, rain, grime, and chemical contaminants all begin the aging process of that new car finish.  Luckily, the application of a ceramic coating can help to defend your new car finish for years to come.

Road contaminants such as rain, mud, grime, and dust begin an assault physically on a new paint job.  Creating a ceramic barrier can help in not only preventing these contaminants from reaching the finish, but the application of a ceramic coating can actually make cleaning your car a breeze.  Little effort is needed to quickly wash away the physical combatants to your finish.  Like a non-stick coating in our frying pans, dirt can cling to the finish and slides off easily through normal car washes.

Like our skin, UV damage and oxidation are real enemies of your finish.  These rays actually penetrate the original paint, causing fading and ruining that new car luster over time.  As with the physical barrier ceramic coating creates for your car, ceramics actually act like sunscreen for a new car finish and block out significant levels of harmful UV rays.

One of the truly remarkable benefits of ceramic coating is an enhanced gloss to the car’s finish.  The coating actually can provide HIGHER gloss than when the car was driven off the lot.  “Better than new” is a stellar benefit that car owners enjoy through the application of a ceramic coating.

Using ceramic coating is a great way for car owners to protect their new vehicles, restore the exterior of an older vehicle, and preserve and protect your investment for years to come.

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    Thanks for detailing the benefits of adding a ceramic coating to your car. It’s interesting to learn that it can help protect against UV damage. My husband wants to keep his car as pristine as possible, so I’ll have to tell him to look into ceramic coatings.

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