Not All Hydrophobic Windshield Coatings Are Alike

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Why Crystal FusionTM is the Best Choice

If you’ve considered offering a windshield protection service at your dealership, you might have been surprised. There are a number of pretenders out there whose products are not very effective. There is one company, however, whose coating forms a molecular bond to protect the surface. That product is Crystal Fusion™, the best choice in hydrophobic windshield coatings.

Applied to new cars, trucks, or SUVs, Crystal Fusion™ both protects and clarifies the glass on these vehicles. Known as an ultra-hydrophobic coating, its patented formula offers superior anti-glare, UV-protection, as well as offers easy maintenance. The coating is a two-step process that is professionally applied. This formula reacts to silicon dioxide, in glass to alter its surface properties. The bond that is formed makes the windshield impervious to damage from small road debris, as well as to increase visual clarity. Rain, snow, ice, windborne objects, are swept away by the wipers. This means faster driver reaction times, and greater passenger safety, too.

Forms a Durable Barrier for Added Safety

Extra protection is just the beginning. We stand by our product. We invite you to read our testimonials from car owners who have opted for the Crystal Fusion™ hydrophobic windshield coating service when they purchased their new vehicles. These satisfied customers’ personal experiences speak well of our product, our guarantee, and your dealership. When you add the Crystal Fusion™ treatment to your services, you are inviting vehicle buyers to become your customers and for their family and friends’ future purchases as well as their own. For dealers seeking to provide valued services to their customers, you’ll want to become a Crystal Fusion™ agent. Not only will you be providing an exceptional product, but also gain referrals and build customer loyalty at the same time. To schedule our discussion, please fill out our form.

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