Fall Driving Season: Tips to Protect Your Car or SUV

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Protecting the safety of your vehicle and, of course, the driver is and will always be imperative. Because in many cases, we “wish we had done something sooner” after the fact – something we want nothing more than for you to avoid! That’s why we’re going to break down some of the most important tips for you to follow, from brake maintenance to auto glass coating, so you can stay safe and in control while securing one of your biggest investments.

Tip #1: Inspect Your Brakes

Among the most vital of car parts, your brakes are what enable you to… stop. Compromised or even worn brakes can easily be the difference between stopping short and having a terrible, sometimes fatal accident. Making sure your brakes and brake pads are in tip-top shape is imperative, especially when the weather starts to cool down.

Tip #2: Check Your Suspension

Between fluctuating temperatures and heavy rainfall comes new potholes – everyone’s favorite! With more potholes comes liabilities to your wheels, tires, axles and more. The best thing you can do is ensure your suspension is up-to-date, so it can absorb much of the associated impact.

Tip #3: Monitor Your Car Paint

The toll the sun takes on your car’s paint is extensive. Failing to treat your paint proactively or reactively can have long-term effects. Consider waxing your car before, during and after the summer to further protect it from not only the sun, but salt from the winter and other debris as well.

Tip #4: Plan For The Cold and Wet

Visibility is key, regardless of what time of year you’re driving. With that, it’s important to invest in strong auto glass coating to ensure optimal safety. Crystal Fusion uses hydrophobic auto glass coating that reduces glare, repels water, enhances vision and provides long-term durability to your glass, so you can handle whatever the elements throw at you.

Thinking about preparing your car for the colder months? Find a local dealer near you for premium auto glass coating!

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