Should You Apply Automotive Ceramic Coating to a New Car?

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We’re sure you’ve heard about it — the recent debate as to the best time to start applying automotive ceramic coating. To be honest, the first thing we did was scratch our heads after first hearing about this because frankly, we were dumbfounded.

This is because the argument against coating your car immediately is based on a fallacy. The truth is, it’s never “too early” to protect the exterior of your vehicle.

Think about it.

If you found a super rare rookie card out of the pack, would you put it in a protective case right away? Or would you prefer to let it get scuffed up first? When it comes to automotive ceramic coating, the point is to preserve your existing shape, just like a protective case. This means starting the protective process as soon as your car is worth preserving, so the sooner, the better!

Why is protecting your car’s exterior with ceramic coating important? Because it preserves the appearance of your vehicle, along with its perceived value, while preventing rust and sun damage. After all, your car is one of your largest investments, so wouldn’t you want to secure it?

However, automotive ceramic coating goes beyond preserving that like-new shine. Its hydrophobic properties repel water, making your car easy to clean. It also resists weather, is less likely to fade from sun damage and prevents common scuffs and scratches!

Interested in investing in your new car? Find a local dealer in your area!

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  • Barbara Courtney

    Can you use it on side mirrors and rear windows? If not, why not??

  • Randolph Harris

    I have it on my windshield and wish I could have it on every window. This stuff is great.

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