How Liquid Glass Car Protection Keeps You Safer

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Understanding the difference between windshield treatments is vital in deciding on your best option.  Liquid glass car protection is far and away the best choice to ensure long windshield life and promotes a safe driving environment.  Using windshield treatments by Crystal Fusion is like installing an invisible forcefield on your windshield.  A hydrophobic windshield protectant repels elements of weather, road grime and reduces glare like no other product available.

How exactly is liquid glass car protection superior to other windshield treatments? Most competitors use a wax based coating that will deteriorate over time and will leave your windshield vulnerable to all the hazards that Mother Nature throws at it.  An actual chemical bonding of protectant to the windshield essentially creates an armor for your windshield that penetrates the glass and ensures years of service without the need for re-application.

Crystal Fusion has engineered a patented liquid glass car protection that has become the premiere choice for drivers across America.  Years in development, their patented formula becomes an extension of your windshield surface, protecting it from rain, UV rays, grime and the other typical hazards that reduce the vital protection a windshield provides.   While your windshield may appear perfectly smooth, and It may feel that way to the touch, if you look closer – much closer with a microscope – you’ll discover hills, peaks, and pitting that disperse light and collect tiny particles of dirt and grime. A Crystal Fusion™ treatment actually will fill in these microscopic voids and bonds to the glass surface itself.

A hydrophobic barrier on your windshield is the ultimate in liquid car glass protection and Crystal Fusion has fashioned a peerless product to protect your vehicle, your passengers and you for years of safe motoring.

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