OTC or Dealer Applied Windshield Coatings- Which is the Better Value for Consumers?

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More drivers are discovering and installing windshield protectants as an intelligent means to improve visibility and extend windshield life.  Unfortunately, making the decision to install a windshield offers a crossroad in application.  A wide variety of over the counter windshield treatments have emerged, luring consumers to DIY, less expensive windshield protectants.  But, like most things in life, you get what you pay for and a professionally installed, patented windshield treatment from Crystal Fusion is the smarter option when equipping your car with a windshield protectant.

Time and inclement weather are the enemy when it comes to windshield deterioration. Most over the counter options are wax based, and while an acceptable initial option, this type of coating isn’t engineered for extended life and will require multiple re-applications.  Like any type of wax coating, rain, dirt, grime and sun will quickly break down the protective quality of over the counter windshield coatings.  Fortunately, there is a more durable and, over time, less expensive option in the form of ultra-hydrophobic treatment.

Crystal Fusion’s patented windshield treatment functions much differently than a “candy coating” wax treatment and results in superior protection over the life of your vehicle. Installed at a dealership by trained professionals, a hydrophobic windshield protectant actually bonds with your glass, providing durable water repellent, grime resistance, and glare reduction over the years that an over the counter wax treatment simply can’t provide.

A chemical glass treatment is the smartest option when it comes to windshield protectants.  Purchasing off-brand products in an effort to save money has become prevalent for the American consumer, but in the long run, doing a job once and doing it right when it comes to your windshield protectant is less labor, provides a safer automobiling experience and will ultimately be less expensive than cheap, over the counter options.

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