Clear, Safe RV Windshields with Crystal Fusion

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RVing has become a staple as a form of American recreation and, like any of our “toys”, proper maintenance is an important part of the process. Being able to safely navigate the hazards of taking your RV on the road is paramount to a successful adventure. No component of safe travel is as important as having a clear vision of the road as you drive and RV windshield cleaner and protection is at the core of this endeavor. With a quality RV windshield cleaner available from Crystal Fusion, drivers are able to minimize annoying salt road haze, reduce windshield wiper streaking, remove unsightly dirt, tar, and grime that require considerable work to remove as well as smashed insects or road debris.

A professional hydrophobic coating application is head and shoulders above standard over the counter windshield cleaners. Windshields enjoy the hydrophobic bonding action that gives them improved ability to wick debris, rain, and grime off their surface. The installation of a professional RV windshield cleaner can even extend the durability of the windshield surface by more effectively deflecting small road debris thereby minimizing potential windshield damage. The creation of an additional protective layer on the windshield also goes a long way in reducing road haze and glare, making travel safer and more enjoyable. We have all experienced the frustration of wiper streaking that adds stress when attempting to navigate through inclement weather. A professional hydrophobic coating application provides a powerful solution to this potentially hazardous condition.

At the end of the day, a little preventative maintenance goes a long way in making an RV excursion a safe and enjoyable one. A professional hydrophobic coating application is a smart way to ensure your windshield remains clear and chip-free for years to come. Seeing this beautiful country is a relaxing pastime and seeing it well will require the clear view a windshield protected by a professional hydrophobic coating application is a great way to start.

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