Does the Cold Weather Make Windshield Chips Worse?

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Cars, along with their windshields, have to endure a lot on the road. From the hot beams of the summer sun to projectile pebbles on the highways, no windshield is truly safe. Most drivers know this, so they seek the best hydrophobic windshield coating they can find, but unfortunately most are just too good to be true. So with so many conflicting opinions, how can you find the windshield coating for your vehicle this winter?

The first thing you have to consider is ‘do you have an existing chip on your windshield’? This is important because frigid temperatures, along with ice, can work to worsen your windshield’s already fragile condition. Each imperfection in your windshield represents a serious vulnerability that, in time, will get progressively worse. The truth is, all windshields have microscopic imperfections in the form of nicks and dings (almost like the surface of the moon) and the elements only work to worsen the conditions of such imperfections.

How to Prevent Windshield Chips

With that said, the best reactive strategy is a proactive one. Crystal Fusion’s cutting-edge technology bonds with your windshield to fortify its imperfections on a molecular level to strengthen its overall integrity. In addition to enhanced durability, you’ll also drive without that annoying rush hour glare and with compromise-free clarity. And as part of our best glass treatment, our coating features hydrophobic properties which repel water off your windshield — perfect for rain, sleet and snow!

So, if you’re looking to prevent windshield chips, why settle for mediocre when you can get the right hydrophobic coating for your vehicle? Using Crystal Fusion’s top-shelf windshield coating means securing your investment and protecting your safety. Get in contact with a local dealer to see your options!

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