Why Windshield Applications for Your Car, SUV, or Commercial Vehicle are Important

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When you purchased your new vehicle, chances are the dealership hit you up with a wide array of add-ons, many of which were cosmetic. Maybe at that time you resisted buying a windshield application, not fully understanding its lasting value. It is important not to confuse windshield coatings with the type of protectant used on other vehicle finishes, such as the dashboard or leather upholstery. Instead, consider windshield applications as another safety feature for your car, truck, van or SUV.

You may not be familiar with the composition of windshield glass. In fact, it is not entirely made of glass! Did you know that it is laminated with an interlayer of poly vinyl butyral (PVB), a durable plastic resin? A layer of PVB is sandwiched between two panes of glass to bond them together, as well as to provide UV protection to shield the driver’s eyes from full sunlight. This lamination not only takes well to a windshield’s curves, but also gives the glass greater structural integrity, so it will not shatter upon impact. Yet its more vulnerable surface is its exterior, which is exposed to weather extremes, dust, wind, stones, branches, etc.

This is why it is wise to purchase Crystal Fusion services before your new ride leaves the dealership lot. Crystal Fusion offers advanced technology that bonds to your windshield to form a highly protective shield against whatever natural or man-made elements are thrown at it. As an additional safety feature, the Crystal Fusion windshield application creates a hydrophobic coating that deflects rain, sleet, and snow, thereby increasing driver safety.

To make an informed decision, contact us to learn more about this vital safety feature that may also prove to be the best value add over the life of your vehicle.


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