Tips on Graphene Coating Care and Maintenance

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Why invest time and money into your car, truck or SUV if you won’t take further steps towards its long-term protection? A big part of ensuring long-lasting protection for your car’s exterior is with graphene spray coating. But which is the best graphene spray coating? Let’s break down which coating you should use and how you should use it!

Begin by hand washing and using the “two-bucket method” (one bucket with clean water and another with soapy water). Just be sure to only use pH-neutral soaps, such as S2 or S3 and do not, under any circumstance, do this in direct sunlight, as it would create streaks and water spotting. When it comes time to dry, avoid using any rough towels or cloths that may be abrasive. Look for high-pile, edgeless microfiber towels – that’s the safe route. Also, be sure not to dry with too much force, and gently dry the surface.

Post-clean, you can apply your graphene spray coating, which will enhance everything from its appearance to its protection. The best graphene spray coatings provide 3-6 months of added protection, so repeating this process 3-4 times per year should do the trick.

But there is one additional step you should take on a yearly basis. To avoid additional buildup of metallic contaminants in your paint, consider spraying a pH-neutral iron remover after washing with the “two-bucket method”. This is actually the best time to apply your graphene spray coating, as it will be void of any contaminants that can compromise the integrity of your paint and overall protection.

For the best graphene spray coating, consult with one of our experts. We only use the best, state-of-the-art graphene spray coatings, so you can rest knowing we’ll never steer you wrong. Contact one of our experts to inquire about applying one of the best graphene spray coatings available.

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