Waterproofing Your Car Ahead of the Winter Season

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With the fall and winter seasons approaching, it only makes sense to want to waterproof your car in preparation. While the single best way to waterproof your car is with Crystal Fusion’s premium water repellent coating for windshields, there are other tips to incorporate. We’ll be covering them all in a single, easy-to-digest list, so you can be ready for whatever mother nature throws your way!

Ensure Your Car is Properly Sealed

You’ve probably noticed the rubber strips around your car doors, along the ends of the roof, etc. These rubber strips are supposed to keep your car dry and insulated, but as with any part of the vehicle, things can go wrong. This is often due to standing the test of time, rubber strips can get stuck, start to fall out and as a result, create spaces for water to escape into.

You’ll want to check to make sure these strips fit securely, as they should.

Check Your Wiper Blades

The days are numbered on even the best pair of wiper blades, and when they start to wear, so does their performance. When it comes to safety, it always pays to be proactive, so be sure to check your wiper blades BEFORE temperatures start to drop. Fun fact: your windshield wipers can last even longer with our water repellent coating for windshields!

Wax Your Exterior Paint

You probably know that excessive sun can damage your car’s exterior paint, but did you know that neglect can cause it to erode? A strong, protected exterior is a great way to keep water out, largely because it keeps the front line strong.

Invest in the Right Windshield Coating

Crystal Fusion’s state-of-the-art water repellent coating for windshields activates hydrophobic properties, causing rain and snow to literally fall off of your windshield. This creates a clearer, dryer and safer driving experience — something all drivers should strive for when temperatures drop.

Interested in our premium water repellent coating for windshields? Find a dealer near you to learn more!

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