What Is Hydrophobic Windshield Glass Treatment?

Gary LoCicero

Windshield glare, glass chips, and impaired driving visibility. Drivers face these common problems every day. They may seem like nuisances, but instead, they prove to be dangerous liabilities for vehicle owners. And it all stems from aging windshields. But what if you could prevent these problems with one simple, affordable solution?

Crystal Fusion™is a proprietary hydrophobic windshield glass treatment that addresses all the issues drivers face – literally! The treatment involves a two-part process that transforms ordinary windshields into stronger, clearer glass. Crystal Fusion is nothing like store-bought sprays. This is not simply a rain repellent. Instead, the application method creates a covalent bond and chemically reacts to the glass. That means you’ll never have to worry about applying it again. Only occasional maintenance is required which is included during the warranty period.

The Benefits Are Clear!

Hydrophobic coatings for glass offers a range of benefits. First of all, this type of treatment virtually creates a new windshield – actually, better than new! Even windshields of new cars are not perfectly smooth. They have microscopic hills, peaks, and pits. These imperfections disperse light as well as collect tiny particles. To add to that, if a small rock makes contact with a pit in your windshield, it could cause a chip or crack.

Crystal Fusion creates a smooth, strong surface – covering over the imperfections, strengthening the glass, and making the windshield clearer than ever before. Whether you just bought a new car or you have an older model, Crystal Fusion is the right choice for windshield protection (link to home).Some of the other impressive benefits of this product include:

  • Unbeatable rain, ice, and snow repellent
  • Antiglare for both daytime and nighttime driving
  • Proven windshield-strengthening properties
  • Dramatically improved visibility and clarity
  • No need to reapply due to the molecular bond
  • 34% improvement in driver reaction time (Scientifically Proven)
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