The Clear Choice for Windshield Protection

Get ready for the road ahead with Crystal Fusion™. Whether you’re an everyday driver, a trucker, or an off-roader, you depend on a clean and clear windshield for safe driving.

Not Your Average Windshield Coating

Crystal Fusion™ is unlike any product available in stores or on-line. Crystal Fusion™ does not contain wax-based chemicals which cause yellowing, streaking and uneven windshield wiper blade wear. The Crystal Fusion™ process molecularly bonds to the glass, creating an ultra-hydrophobic surface. The treated windshield micro-beads water and protects against the elements.


How it Works

For a windshield ultra-hydrophobic coating that protects and clarifies your vehicle glass, choose Crystal Fusion for car glass protection.


Customer Testimonials

The results stand for themselves! Find out why so many customers enjoy Crystal Fusion, our ultra-hydrophobic windshield protection treatment.

Our Patented Formula

Our ultra-hydrophobic windshield coating is specifically formulated for Automotive glass surfaces. We have developed a patented two-step application process that creates an ultra-hydrophobic and durable barrier. Water, Ice, Snow, Bugs, Mud, and even small road debris are no match for our hydrophobic treatment. The advantages of Crystal Fusion technology are perfectly clear:

  • Greatly improves clarity & visibility extending drivers reaction time
  • Helps deflects small road debris and minimizes damage to glass
  • Significantly reduces glare and light scatter
  • Allows dirt, insects, and grime to be easily washed away
  • Weather is no match. Snow, ice and sleet is removed with minimal effort
  • Helps protect against acid rain, corrosion and mineral buildup

A Window of Opportunity for You

Are you interested in becoming a distributor of our windshield coating treatment? Visit our agent page for more information about offering our patented product. We’ll show you how being an agent is significantly beneficial to your agency. You’ll offer a safety product that has great value for your clients as well as the end consumer.

As a dealer, you want to provide services that offer value to your customers. Achieve this goal by offering Crystal Fusion’s glass treatment. Find out how you can improve customer satisfaction by visiting our dealership page. We offer an excellent Customer Retention Program (CRP) that makes everything easy for you.

See and experience the difference by contacting us about our windshield protection treatment. We proudly offer Crystal Fusion for dealers and independent distributors throughout the country and around the world.