More Reasons to Use Crystal Fusion™ Windshield Protection

Crystal Fusion™ is known industry-wide for providing state-of-the-art and dependable auto windshield protection. It improves driving visibility, lessens glare, and acts as a shield for small road debris. But did you know that our advanced hydrophobic protection product can also be used for many other purposes? From cars and trucks to boats, commercial vehicle glass, and even interior car surfaces such as display panels and console coverings Crystal Fusion™  offers the clear solution for all of your vehicle glass coating and protection needs.

Any Automotive Glass Surface,  Anywhere!

For years, our advanced hydrophobic protection has provided the solution drivers have needed to see more clearly on the road. Unlike other products that claim to provide the same benefits, however, Crystal Fusion™ offers much more than OTC auto windshield protection that begins to wear off as soon as it is applied. Additionally, Crystal Fusion™ offers the same great long-lasting protection for side-light glass, rear window glass, and even Sunroofs. All interior portions of your vehicle that are made with glass will also benefit from this protection. This will help keep those areas looking cleaner for a longer period of time. If it’s made of glass, then our product is made for it!

But that is not all. A Crystal Fusion™-coated windshield is a safer windshield- one that offers protection from damage by wind-borne road debris such as small stones, twigs, glass fragments, and more! For increased visibility and safety, Crystal Fusion™ is the new vehicle upsell your customers cannot afford to be without!

Contact us for more information about our advanced glass coating and auto windshield protection product. We ship Crystal Fusion™  to our valued customers anywhere in the world.